An Honest Review of Ibiza

An Honest Review of Ibiza

When I was told that I had to go to Ibiza for a wedding – My first thought was “Oh dear Lord! Why me?”. It’s been many a year since any club has seen my dancing feet, and to be honest, even then, I wasn’t much of a club go-er.

However, when I spoke to the imminent bride, she assured me that it was “on the quiet side” of Ibiza. I’ve been to pretty much all of the Balearic and Canary Islands in my time, but I’ve never even considered Ibiza due to its reputation. So hearing that it had a “quiet side” was quite intriguing.

I did some research, and sure enough there were lots of reports of tranquil beaches and beautiful scenery, which was extremely encouraging. I didn’t find a huge amount “to do”, but I wasn’t too concerned considering the positive reviews.

This article is for the everyday person who wants an honest review of Ibiza. I’ll highlight what we did each day (I went with my fiancée Jemma), and whether or not it’s somewhere I’d recommend for other couples/families.

Before we start, there are a few things to note:

  1. We flew out there in mid May 2016, and stayed at the Intertur Hawaii hotel (we wanted a cheap place to stay which had good reviews and a sea view!)
  2. It was just the 2 of us – My amazing Mother was looking after the 2.4 children at home.
  3. Neither of us are the club going type (anymore). We planned to see the sights and enjoy the island.
  4. The weather for the entire trip was between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius with some cloud covering during the day. It wasn’t sweltering, and it actually got quite cool in the evening.

Day 1

The Airport

If you are purely interested in Ibiza, and not the flight or hire car (as entertaining as it may be), skip down to Day 2.

Our flight from Luton wasn’t until 20:00, so we had plenty of time to park and get comfy in the airport – For anyone flying from Luton, Paige parking has always been decent enough if you don’t mind getting a 15 minute shuttle bus from the car park to the airport.

Update: On our return flight, we landed in the early hours of the morning and had a wait for the bags to get loaded on to the conveyor belts. I called ahead to Paige parking, who informed me there would be a bus every 15 minutes (no biggie). However, it was absolutely baltic weather, and Paige only had 1 bus running. We quite literally saw it drive off as we exited the airport, and then had a 35 minute wait in the freezing cold for the next bus. If this was in the middle of the day, in warm temperatures, we probably wouldn’t have minded. But at 03:30 in the morning, when your tan is slowly fading in front of your eyes, it is not pleasant at all. So whilst the only recommendation I could suggest to Paige parking is to get confirmation from passengers when they land, and actually wait for them (but undoubtedly that will frustrate other customers), or run 2 busses in the evening (considering it only picked up 4 of us, again, an unlikely solution), I don’t really have any complaints. I just wouldn’t use a parking service which is 15 minutes away from the airport, just to save £20.00.

We were flying with Easy Jet, and due to my extra long legs, I always book the emergency exit seats in the middle. As an added perk with Easy Jet, that automatically gives you “Speedy Boarding”! WooHoo! In reality…. You simply get to queue up first (all be it in your own exclusive line), whilst the rest of the passengers have a different line – Certainly not worth paying for unless you want to feel really special (which, if you do… Don’t fly with Easy Jet).

Somehow, we managed to get in the queue before most people started filtering through. It was an eye opening (and eye watering) experience to see who I’d be sharing the flight with for the next 2 hours.

Disclaimer: I usually fly to Alicante/Murcia in Spain – very family friendly, and not really a “party destination”, which is reflected by the passengers on the plane.

First up we had the dreaded “middle aged Hen Party”. Matching pink cow girl hats and beauty pageant sashes to boot. To give them credit, they were all very nice people, and there was no rowdiness in the airport or on the plane.

The same can’t be said for the next lot of passengers…..

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you…. The “Peter Pans” as we called them. Aka. The boys who never grew up. Except they did. They grew up to be 40 something, and still getting drunk in Ibiza like its 1990. Part of me felt sorry for them, but a bigger part hoped and prayed they weren’t sat near me (they weren’t). They get bonus points for not starting a fight until they’d landed though – Which they successfully managed to do before we’d even left baggage claim in Ibiza.

So far we had 2 large groups of party goers. So much for “quiet and peaceful!”

As the rest of the plane filled up, there was a mix of families of all ages), older couples and groups, and more “lad/ladettes” party hoardes.

The Hire Car

The flight itself went by in a heartbeat. For any frequent (or even non frequent) flyers, I cannot recommend the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones enough. The noise cancelling is absolutely phenomenal. It makes all plane, train and car (as a passenger) journeys, 20 times more enjoyable.

We landed at 23:15 local time and went straight through passport control with no dramas (and no queues!).

I headed over to the Hertz/Thrifty car hire desk to get our battle wagon for the next 6 days. I was under the impression these guys were the only ones open (which is why I paid a bit more to book with them), however there were a couple of other car hire places open as well.

I was met by Pedro – A very friendly chap who was on his second day in the job. He checked to make sure I wasn’t in a hurry (which I wasn’t), and he proceeded to get everything sorted.

For anyone looking to hire a car in Ibiza, I’d strongly recommend some form of insurance unless you are used to driving abroad. The roads are very tight, the drivers and crazy and most cars are already scratched/dented which doesn’t bode well.

As I’m used to driving around places like this, I declined Pedro’s very generous offer of extra insurance, and allowed him to block the 670 Euros on my credit card (just in case I damage the car).

Throughout this process (which was much longer than usual due to it being Pedro’s second day), one of the members of Peter Pan’s group had managed to start a fight in the airport. How very big of him…..

Finally Pedro finished up and wished us on our way. Key in hand, we searched for our chariot of fire – We weren’t disappointed. A brand new Renault Clio with Sat Nav (we didn’t pay for that) and a rear parking camera! Jackpot!

There aren’t many main roads in Ibiza, so I thought it would be a breeze getting to the hotel which was on the West coast (the airport is on the East).

I’m writing this, 1 day into our trip, and I can safely say that a Sat Nav is an absolute must the first time you go.

The journey from the airport to the hotel in San Antonio started off on what can only be described as back alley roads built for mountain goats. Luckily it was dark and you could see oncoming headlights (of which we only passed 1) – But these were very narrow roads indeed.

Once onto the main road, it was plain sailing – Keep an eye out for the ever changing speed limits, they like to change them every mile to keep you on your toes!

We arrived at the hotel 35 minutes later, having not passed one night club, driving through 2 small villages, and hardly seeing any other cars.

There was no sign of David Guetta and his disciples, it was all very quiet.

The Hotel

We were staying at the Intertur Hawaii, which upon arrival looked fantastic. Bear in mind we were now approaching 01:00 local time, and everything was very quiet.

The reception was bright and clean – It looked new, but I couldn’t say how new. We were met by a chap behind reception who was helpful, signed us in very quickly, and got us up to our room in no time.

7th floor (of 8), with a picture perfect view of the bay/sea, and a nifty balcony to enjoy the evening sun set.

The room was spotless – A flat screen TV on the wall, ample cupboard space, a decent sized bathroom and shower, and they even had room to squeeze in a sofa.

Our main priority was getting unpacked and catching up on sleep, but we had time to admire the view. We could see some neon lights across the bay, which we assumed was where the clubs were, but we couldn’t hear a thing.

Considering the fears I had through my judgmental views of my fellow passengers, I was happy to be heading to sleep having not heard a single dance track all night – excluding Jemma singing “Oh we’re going to Ibiza” over and over again.

Day 2

Ibiza Town

The first thing we did when we finally woke up at 08:30 was to check out the view in daylight.

I’m happy to say we weren’t disappointed. We had the best of both world – The sea to our left and the picturesque Ibizan landscape to our right. The San Antonio harbour was straight ahead, just in case we wanted to do some Robson Green Extreme Fishing.

After the standard cooked breakfast, which can only be described as adequate, we decided to head over to the “old town” of Ibiza. Specifically we were aiming for Dalt Villa, which looked very historical and grand.

The drive over was straightforward, taking no longer than 30 minutes from San Antonio. It was during this time, that we first saw just how lush Ibiza was. We are talking rolling hills with big green pine forests everywhere. A far cry from the barren and desolate landscape of South East Spain that we are used to.

The scenery was beautiful, the main roads were very well kept, and I could see why people recommended driving around. It really is the only way to explore the island.

Once we arrived in Ibiza Town, we followed the signs for parking, and landed in a huge car park, no more than a minute away from the harbour.

Dalt Villa sits atop a large hill, and is easily seen from the harbour. So, like Frodo and Sam, we headed off on our quest.

It started with a steep climb up a hill into the main grounds – There was a security guard at the bottom, so I’m guessing cars can’t park unless they are residents (of which there are plenty). The first potential stopping point is the Contemporary Art Museum. We didn’t stop here, as we weren’t sure how long the rest of the walk was going to take. But the reviews are positive if you like art.

The Cathedral is the focal point of Dalt Villa, and it draws your eye throughout the entire climb – Just like Sauron to the ring (that’s the last Lord of The Rings reference…. I promise).

Pretty soon, you get to a bit of a landing point with great views of the old town and the harbour. You can also see the Cathedral looming over you, a constant reminder that your calf muscles have quite a bit more work to do!

Another 3 hills, and 25,000 steps later (estimate only….. It’s doable providing you take it steady), we reached the promised land. It’s fairly nondescript to be honest. There is nothing amazing from the outside, but inside….. Wow. The small Cathedral is very impressive.

Considering where it is, I was expecting it to be quite run down – However it was completely the opposite. It looked almost new!

I can’t imagine it gets too busy, which is nice – It’s worth having a short 5 minute sit down to get your breath back from the climb, but mainly to admire the architecture inside.

Dalt Villa Cathedral

It took around 15/20 minutes to climb up (allow 30 minutes if you are slow to average walking pace). But it was certainly worth it, and I’d recommend it to anyone travelling to Ibiza.

From what I could tell, that was pretty much it at the top of Dalt Villa – there is a small museum attached to the Cathedral, but again, we didn’t go in it. Instead, we chose the opposite way to go down, through the steeped housing and slippery slopes! This is not a route if you don’t have any grip on your feet, as Jemma found out on multiple occasions.

There are a few small shops as you make your way down, however if you do get time to stop, the ice cream shop on the corner is absolutely phenomenal. Home made ice cream with some great flavours (Oreo and Kinder Beuno stood out to me!)

You then make your way back down the initial slope you walked up, and back into the old town once more. From here, we didn’t have any plans, so we decided to look around the many shops Ibiza Town has to offer. Not being much of a shopper myself, I wasn’t particularly interested, but I was told by the shopping expert with me, that it was pretty good.

I’d certainly recommend researching Ibiza Town before you go, as you might find some hidden gems that you’d like to see which aren’t obvious when walking around. There certainly didn’t seem to be many tourist attractions at first glance, but I’ve since seen a few things I would have liked to do.

Aguas Blancas Beach

I think the first thing to say here is, neither me or Jemma are beach people. It’s the sand – We hate it. However, we decided to head north to Aguas Blancas beach as it had a very good write up. It’s also an official naturist beach, although we didn’t find any evidence of that!

The drive up was again, beautifully breathtaking. Sweeping roads and mountains which reminded me more of a Top Gear montage than a casual Ibizan road trip. It took around 30 minutes to reach our destination, after a few wrong turns along the way. Aguas Blancas is tucked away, and due to its position, doesn’t get the sun past 18:00. We arrived at around 15:00 and found it relatively quiet.

The beach itself is situated at the bottom of the cliff, but the car park is at the top – go figure. You have to navigate your way through a short rocky forest, before heading down a steep road to the beach. Going down was the easy part……

There is a small restaurant at the beach which serves all sorts of food. I can’t be positive, but looking at their menu, I think their motto is “Congratulations on reaching us…. Now you’ll pay whatever we want because you have no other option!”. My advice in this scenario would be to take your own food and drink!

With that being said, the beach more than made up for the restaurant. The beach loungers were free to use, the water was turquoise and crystal clear, and the sand was very fine.

It was a fairly windy day, and you are completely exposed with little protection from the cliffs. If you are a cold person, I wouldn’t come here unless it’s a nice warm day!

Aguas Blancas

We only spent around an hour and a half here, as neither of us had brought anything for the beach (bad planning!) and the wind was making it quite chilly!

The climb back to the car was far less enjoyable than the climb down – But once we had made it, we were off back to the hotel for a shower before dinner.

The San Antonio Strip

Dinner was nice enough – The food at the Intertur Hawaii had, up to this point, been fairly typical of a large hotel trying to feed quite a few guests. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t knock your socks off good either.

We then decided to head along the beach to walk off some of the dinner. There are bars and clubs along here, all gearing up for the height of season which hadn’t started just yet. 90% of them were open, and most were fairly busy.

With that being said, we still didn’t get the party atmosphere that Ibiza is so famous for. It was no different to any other place I’ve been, with a strip of clubs and pubs.

For anyone going in May, it would be worthwhile packing a few jumpers as it can get quite cool in the evening. We were out until around 22:00, and I would have quite happily had a jumper on!

When we got back to the hotel, all was quiet. We could see the lights of the strip, and the music was relatively quiet – If you closed your door, you certainly wouldn’t hear anything.

All in all, a decent start to the holiday!

San Antonio Strip at Night

Day 3

Cala d’Hort

Breakfast on our second morning was identical to the day before. I get the feeling that originality had left the building many years ago.

The forecast was good for the day, so we wanted to try and lap up as much sun as we could.

There were 2 options.

  1. Spend the day by the pool (small pool), with the other residents.
  2. Find another beach…..

If there had been more sun loungers, and a bigger pool, we’d have probably stayed at the hotel. But there wasn’t; and towels had already been laid on sun loungers by 09:00 by territorial holiday makers marking their area.

A quick Google search pointed me to Cala d’Hort, which looked like another stunning beach.

Before we headed off, we managed to get some beach towels from the hotel – for anyone wondering, they are free, with a 5 Euro deposit. You can swap them as much as you like throughout your stay – A real bonus to not have to buy towels that we would end up throwing away (our suitcase was already pushing the boundaries of Easy Jets regulations!

One of the joys of Ibiza, is that you really aren’t very far away from anywhere. Cala d’Hort was only a 20 minute drive from San Antonio.

Yet again, the scenery was amazing. We’d covered 80% of the island by now, and whilst the views and drives were all very similar, it’s not something I would ever get bored of looking at.

There is a steep hill to drop down before reaching the beach (common theme with Ibizan beaches it would appear!). There is a decent amount of parking for how big the beach is (which isn’t massive to be honest), but as always, better to get there earlier if you think it’s going to be busy.

We arrived about 11:00 and 80% of the parking spaces were taken – but the beach actually felt quite quiet. By 12:00 it had really started to fill up.

The beach itself is not what you would describe as “a sandy beach”. It has a few sandier places, but there are a lot of rocks and pebbles to navigate.

With that being said, you don’t come here for the sand. You come here for the view, and I can safely say it has the best view of any beach I’ve been to in Europe.

Cala d’Hort – View of Es Vedra

The beach itself, is situated in a cove between two long rock faces that wrap around forming a horse shoe. Bang smack in the middle of the sea, is Es Vedra, which is, at the end of the day, a big rock. But my my, it’s a pretty good looking rock, and it adds a huge amount to the view.

Es Vedra also has a very big claim to fame. After the North, and South Pole, it is the strongest magnetic point on the entire Earth! Apparently, this is why a ton of “hippies” came over in the 60’s – Which has led to the many hippy markets in Ibiza.

The water is crystal clear for the most part, and when it’s warm, I can imagine it’s a dream. Mid May is not the time to go to Ibiza if you want warm water. Safe to say it was chilly at best, but if you really want to cool down, it’s certainly swim-able.

We both had a dip, and even saw some good sized fish swimming close by (along with a clear/purple jelly fish). I’ve never been stung, but I seem to have the fear of God in me about jelly fish. Blame the parents……

After drying off, we headed to the restaurant adjacent to the beach. This looked much nicer than the restaurant at Aguas Blancas – But the pricing policy of “tough luck” still remained.

Still, I’d have no problem recommending this place to eat as the food was good and the facilities were well maintained. It was full of people, but the service was prompt and efficient.

The beach is so small, that you can probably leave your towels out if it’s not mega busy – We did. If your lucky, you can get a good seat whilst you eat, which overlooks the sea and beach (and make sure no one steals your borrowed beach towels!).

View from restaurant

We finished up, and headed back to the car around 14:30. There aren’t many shady options on the beach, so after a few hours in the direct sun, it’s probably best to find some shelter!

San Antonio

After showering and changing, we headed off down the strip, past the harbour and towards San Antonio. Jemma wanted to peruse more shops (seriously, anywhere there is the whiff of a shop, she’s there).

San Antonio is classed as one of the big places to go and shop – But that really isn’t saying a lot in Ibiza. Based on the evidence of the two days I’ve been here so far, it’s not a shopping destination – If you really want to hit the shops, Ibiza town is your best bet by far.

Super Bass

To our delight, the evening food was actually pretty good! There was a chef with a chunk of fresh pork (carving away), and more fresh food, rather than the ready made oven food.

Important note for anyone looking to stay half board – There are literally zero drinks included, not even water. You have to pay for everything. Somehow we managed to get through 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner before someone actually told us that. It’s 90 cents for a glass of water which is criminal, considering you can get 1.5 litres of water for 1 Euro in the shop opposite the hotel.

Lesson learned, and we are now fully stocked with bottled water (We have a small fridge in the room which helps keep the water cool).

Both of us were spent from the walking over the last 2 days, so we decided to head back to the room at around 21:30 to enjoy the sunset from the balcony.

Sunset from Balcony

We were also treated to our first experience of Ibizan nightlife. Thankfully it lasted no more than an hour, and you couldn’t really hear it that well if you closed the door to your room.

None the less, if you want a completely peaceful break, or have young children – Stay away from San Antonio!

I’m hoping the next few nights include some decent singers! At least a good Elvis impression?! (Update – They didn’t)

Day 3 conclusion: Beautiful island with not much to do outside of beaches.

Day 4

Cala Comte

Breakfast came and went, and we were left with a decision of what to do.

Unfortunately, there really aren’t many places to go to do things, so we were left with choosing another one of the fantastic beaches to visit.

Today’s lucky winner was Cala Comte, which was closer than Cala d’Hort, and not far from the wedding venue we needed to attend on Sunday.

The drive over, was predictably fantastic, and before we knew it, we were pulling into the car park at the top of the beach.

As it was only 10:30 (which is classed as early in any Spanish location), we were one of the first people there, and parking was a breeze. There is a central restaurant which serves great food, which splits 2 small beaches.

We headed down the left to the beach with few people, and available sun beds.

It was clear from the outset that this was another unbelievable location on this small island. The view from anywhere on the beach was absolutely breathtaking.

Cala Comte Beach View
Cala Comte Beach View

The water was crystal clear, the small rock pools underneath the surface of the water hid many aquatic treasures, and the cool sea breeze made things even more comfortable.

If you get there early, you should be able to get a beach lounger – This made the entire experience much better as they are super comfy! Not the typical course sun beds that most beaches have, but well maintained beds with a very thick cushion!

Cala Comte Beach

As you can see above, the beach itself is pretty small (there is a similar sized beach the other side of the restaurant which is above the beach).

Whilst this was the view at 10:30, by 11:15 every bed had been taken, and the beach was starting to look very full – By 12:00 it was absolutely packed.

The sand is another big pulling point of this beach. There are no pebbles or rocks on the beach, and the colour is exquisite. It’s not as fine as the sand you’d find in exotic locations such as the Pacific islands, but for Ibiza, it’s as good as you’ll get.

Golden Sand of Cala Comte

The water is shallow for quite a long way, and the fish swim as close as 2 metres from the shore.

Cala Comte really is the type of place you can spend all day – Especially if you bag yourself a sun lounger (which comes with a parasol if required).

We stayed until around 16:30, and had seen many people come and go in those 6 hours. Not wanting to head back just yet, we looked for somewhere else to go.

It’s worth pointing out that I received 3G/4G signal absolutely everywhere up to this point, so “googling” something to do, was very easy.

Not wanting to travel too far north, Google pointed us towards Sa Talaiassa – The highest point in Ibiza. I could only find walking routes, which we didn’t have time for, so we decided to just drive out in that direction and see what we could find.

The Sat Nav informed us it was only 20 minutes away, and as we approached, there were no clear roads leading upwards. We couldn’t even work out which mountain was Sa Talaiassa as it blended in with it’s surroundings.

We did find a great road which led through the mountains. A constant reminder of “There is a massive drop down here, keep in the middle of the road”, was on repeat from the passenger side – Just in case my eyes failed me.

Now is a good time to remind people that whilst hiring a car is a must…. Make sure it’s as small as possible! This will serve you well in both the winding narrow town/village streets, and the dirt tracks with monster drops if you decide to go off road.

If you do get a chance to just head into the countryside, you will find some spectacular forest views, and even more spectacularly dodgy roads – But it is well worth it.

Mountains of Sa Talaiassa

After finding our way out of the forest, we headed home to shower and change for dinner.

Day 5

Escape Room Ibiza

Having spent the best part of the last 4 days mooching around not doing a whole lot, we fancied occupying our time with something other than scenic views/beaches/cafes.

A thorough Google search really didn’t reveal a whole lot. However, we did find a relatively new place in Ibiza town called “Escape Rooms Ibiza”. Jemma wanted to pop back to the town as she saw a dress she liked on the second day anyway, so this tied in nicely.

We arrived nice and early (09:30) and found the car park we used last time, to be relatively empty. I think people try and get a space by the side of the road if they can, but for the sake of a few Euros, chasing a secure car park with minimal hassle was an easy decision to make.

After deciding not to buy the dress she had so badly wanted (or the other 20 dresses she tried on to make up for the initial dress that she didn’t buy), we headed up the road to find this new Ibizan attraction.

I’d heard of these places before. They are based on the very successful video games where you try and solve riddles and clues to get out of the room you are locked in (popular on the iOS platform).

That being said, I was a bit sceptical how this could translate into a physical game – I could see it being very easy and a bit dull to be honest!

We arrived outside the inconspicuous door, which was tucked off a side street in town. Instantly, we were welcomed by Peter (who turned out to be owner), and after the pleasantries were over, he took us through the 4 different rooms they had on offer.

I’ll not go into each room, because we only played 1, and I’m sure there are better reviews elsewhere. But the 4 rooms we had to chose from were:

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Alice in Wonderland
  3. Science Lab
  4. Zombie Apocalypse

We opted to chose the Sherlock room, and Peter then explained the rules and what our quest was.

In essence, we had to solve a number of clues, which gave us the combination to some locks in the room – Which in turn gave us more clues to the next lock.

He also explained that he could hear and see everything we were doing in the room, so if we needed, he could point us in the right direction. But I mean….. C’mon, how hard could it be?

Well, the answer to that is very! I’m not going to give anything away on the clues, just in case you happen to visit – But I can honestly say it was one of the most unique and clever things I’ve done, and it was thoroughly enjoyable throughout the entire hour – We even managed to get a few clues without any prompting (which balances out the other clues where we had at least 1 or 2 prompts from Peter!).

If you can spare an hour, and find yourself in Ibiza Town, definitely visit Peter and his wife (who run it together) at Escape Rooms Ibiza. An excellent attraction.

Escape the Illness

Sadly not another attraction, but rather a nasty bug I caught. Possibly too much sun (unlikely), possibly an evil virus released by the Sherlock villain “Professor Moriarty” but the rest of the day saw me stranded in bed, curtains closed, sweating out the excitement of the morning.

Jemma had a walk along the strip into San Antonio – The report back was as underwhelming as the first time.

We had a meal planned with the wedding party that evening, but it wasn’t looking good for me! Luckily Jemma was able to represent, whilst I had a pity party of my own in the hotel room (I actually slept pretty solid after a multitude of Ibizan drugs – the painkilling kind, not the “wooooooo partaaaaaaaay” kind).

That was it for Saturday! A disappointing end to a good day!

Day 6

Elixir Shore Club

The day of the wedding was upon us…… We’d travelled over 1000 miles, to a place we’d never have thought of coming to, for this one day……. And I was ill.

Jemma had to leave the hotel around 10:30 to go and get ready with the other bridesmaids, leaving me to see if adding to my 18 hours of consecutive sleep would actually do any good.

The combination of sleep, drugs, and no rock and roll managed to get me out of bed, dressed, and on the road to the wedding which was held at the Elixir Shore Club; a 20 minute drive from San Antonio.

We drove past the entrance on our way to Cala d’Hort a few days previously, so I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get to.

Elixir Shore Club

The setting for Elixir is superb – Set high upon a cliff face, it looks down upon a small cove with a short stretch of sand and in the background is the mystical Es Vedra, sitting there in all of its magnetic glory.

I’ll not review the wedding – That’s not why you are here! But if you are looking to get married in Ibiza, I’d certainly check out the Elixir Shore Club.

Again, I’ll reiterate the need for warmer clothes unless you are in the heart of summer – This was the 22nd of May, it had been mid 20’s for the past week, but as soon as the wind kicked up and the sun started to drop (or heaven forbid a cloud decided to ruin the party), the temperature felt very cool indeed!

We stayed until it was almost over, and then headed back to the hotel room.

Day 7

Surf Lounge

Our final day started with a bit of uncertainty. We had to wait until the morning to see if we could have a room to shower and change in later in the day (our flight was scheduled for 00:20 the following morning).

I’m not exactly sure why we had to wait until the morning to check, surely they knew who was coming and how many rooms they had? Either way, we managed to secure a room for later on, so we could leave our luggage in peace, and get one last bit of relaxation before heading home.

We initially headed off down the San Antonio strip to try the large, but relatively empty beach which hugged the entire length of said strip – However, we found ourselves drawn into the Surf Lounge, which housed rather lavish 4 poster style beach beds – Complete with waterproof mattresses and parasols.

It looked like an exclusive club, especially considering it was practically empty. But we checked with the barman, and providing we were going to spend 20 Euros, we could take one of the beds for the day – Bonus!

The club is adjacent to the strip, only a mere 10 metres from the beach. It’s equipped with a bar, restaurant, pool and best of all, a stationary surfing station – One of those slopes which shoots an immense amount of water up a slope, in order for you to be able to surf/body board without having to chase the elusive waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

I’d managed to suppress my desires to be the next monster surfer, but when one of the wedding party came along and wanted to have a go, I was thrust into a wet suit as it required a minimum of 2 people.

I am so happy I did, as it was fantastic! 39 Euros got you an hour, and it was possibly the best money I’d spent all holiday! Had I known about it before, I would have certainly been on it multiple times! The surfing dream lives on until next time…..

We started off on the body boards to get a feel for the water and how it worked – To my surprise, it was relatively easy to control – Although it was just as easy to end up in the back wall!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

We then moved on to the main event – Surfing.

Anyone who knows me, will tell you I have the balance of Bambi on ice – Which is true, but I think Bambi just about pips me in the grace department.

I’ll tell you this now…. Surfers make it look very easy indeed! The first few times I got on the board, lasted around 2 seconds before flipping in multiple directions, and being shot into the back wall.

However, after 10 minutes I started to find the balancing point, and managed a few minutes upright, with no rope (the instructor starts you off with a rope to hold on to!)

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A very satisfying end to the holiday!

We packed up, and headed to the hotel one last time to change.

Checkout was painless, and we decided to head to a popular restaurant in San Antonio for Tapas, before heading to the Airport to catch our flight.

I’d certainly recommend the suitably titled Tapas Restaurant Ibiza, as the food was stunning! A very welcome change to the Intertur Hawaii’s mass production food.


Sadly that brings us to the end of this adventure.

If you have got this far, and have read the rest of the post – Hats off to you!

For those who haven’t, and purely want to know if Ibiza is worth a visit, this is for you.


Breathtaking scenery, sublime beaches, amazing road trips.

There is probably just about enough to do for a family if they wanted to spend 1, possibly 2 days away from the hotel or beaches. You’d be pushing it to find 3 days of activities though.

Must Do’s

  1. Escape Rooms Ibiza.
  2. Have a go at surfing at the Surf Lounge on San Antonio Strip.
  3. Visit Dalt Villa in Ibiza Town.
  4. Drive around the island with no real aim, but to enjoy the scenery.
  5. Visit Cala d’Hort to marvel in the magnetic wonder of Es Vedra.


If you don’t like beaches, this is not the place for you.

Contrary to the popular opinion, Ibiza is actually a place to come and relax, and not do anything. Lazy day’s are very much the way forward in this lush Spanish paradise.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not particularly cheap either – Don’t expect to get by on a tight budget.

Overall, Ibiza is a beautiful place to visit, and I’m happy that the wedding invite got me to a place in the world I would have not visited otherwise.

With that being said, I won’t be in a hurry to return.

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