Hello! I’m Nick Howard.
Part time writer, full time father. 

Also a baby T-Rex impressionist

Productivity Nerd

I have an unhealthy obsession with productivity apps – If you are lucky, you might find some comparisons here!


This does a great injustice to actual writers, but I occasonally channel my inner blogger to put word to paper.


I spent so much of my life looking at other reviews, I figured I could do it better!

Occasional Travel

Every now and then I actually leave the UK shores….. You may find a blog or two about the destination!

If you are looking for motivational insagram-esque stories, you are going to be very dissapointed

What I write about

If you’ve got this far – Bravo! Here are some topics I occasionaly write about


Predominantly Apple or cross platform apps. I love a good task manager and always looking for the next best note taking app!


When you only travel once per year at most…. It’s easy to make some notes on where you’ve been! Don’t get too excited here….


Pretty niche one this…. I try and keep up to speed with all things FinTech in the UK. If you see a blog on this, feel free to skip!


I tend to buy a lot of stuff…. I’ll give it a review every now and then.

The occasional traveller

Pining for the Fjords

If you are wondering if I’m Norwegian….. I’m not. But the scenry was stunning, so I’m making the most of the photos!


iPhone – It does the job.


30th Birthday roadtrip!


July 2018


Bergen to Oslo Roadtrip


Who doesn’t love a good portfolio? Truth be told, I’ve just kept the wording from the website template!


Land of the Leprechauns for a wedding.


The Travelling Circus arrives on the Adriatic.


More “island” weddings.

Jedi Parenting

Experts only – Or those, like me, who wing this parenting thing!

Creating the perfect workspace!

A garage conversion for the remote worker

Bellroy Notebook Cover review

A product review on this delightful little notebook cover!


Here’s what some others have to say…..

I married him for his money, before realising it was all Monopoly currency. 



He’s probably the best brother I have. Well, he’s the only one, so I guess that makes him the worst as well?



He’s absolutely 100% my favourite son….. Oh, wait. Other than Tom.



Thor the rockstar —–>

Latest from blog

A smattering of recent blogs and photos!

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Clairefontaine A5 Dot Grid Notebook Review

Upon unwrapping the Clairefontaine “My Essential” A5 notebook, I was wondering what I was going to write about. It’s a pretty standard looking A5 notebook with a green, flexible card[…]

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Darkstar “Black Space” Pocket Notebook Review

How does a brand with incredibly minimal branding make a name for itself? I pondered this question whilst reading all about the Darkstar pocket notebook, which features the least branding[…]

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